Our raw food journey began with a trip to Suradetox in Devon. Essentially we went there to lose weight but we came back with a much broader perspective. Having lost half a stone through careful eating the previous month, l lost a stone in Devon in just one week. It was definitely extreme. It’s difficult to describe twice daily colonics and fasting on carrot juice and water as anything else. But the results definitely led to a kind of nirvana . . . If you’re interested in finding out more about Sura Detox, their website address is: www.suradetox.com.

At the detox retreat they served nutritional talks instead of lunch and through these we were introduced to the concept of raw food. Dao and his wonderful team managed effortlessly to convince us that raw food was the way to go. And thank goodness. We feel good, we’ve maintained our weightloss, and we’re starting to feel quite ready to take on the world . . .

We also went to an engaging raw and living foods weekend with Catherine Parker (
http://cathparker.wordpress.com). We found Catherine because she had been to a Sura Detox retreat some time ago. She apparently went on to find out about raw foods – leading her eventually to give up her job as a Chartered Accountant – and to take up the raw food exploration full time. Catherine now runs weekend workshops on how to prepare delicious raw food for people new to the subject. Whether you’re looking for one or two days, I’d recommend Cath’s relaxed and informative classes.