I found this fantastic recipe on at the www.rawliving.co.uk

Grinder or high powered blender to grind the sesame seeds and raw cacao beans
A food processor to make the truffles.

1 cup cacao nibs
1 cup sesame seeds
1 cup dates, pitted (add more if you want a sweeter truffle)
2 tspns best quality vanilla extract

Grind cacao and sesame seeds in grinder/blender. Mash pitted dates in food processor. Add vanilla, seeds and cacao. Process until it balls up. Break into walnut-sized pieces and form into small balls.

Keep refridgerated (they won’t last long)

If they’re for a party apparently you could roll them in dessicated coconut. I’ve tried dusting them in chocolate powder but that doesn’t seem to work so well. Maybe I needed more chocolate powder. I don’t really bother. I think they’re great the way they are: much much better than cooked chocolate. So rich and deelicious! Enjoy 🙂