This is not an exhaustive list and is only my opinion. If you develop a taste for raw foods you will discover your own preferences.

  • The Excalibur Dehydrator is widely thought to be the best and costs about £200 for the 9 sheet version. It’s widely available on the internet, e.g. The Fresh Network.
  • The Fresh Network also sell the paraflexx sheets you’ll need for dehydrating crackers and other particularly wet food – £4.95 a sheet (but they last indefinitely).
  • And the Cuisinart Food Processor is also available from The Fresh Network sell for £269. If you shop around on line you might well get this cheaper. Sometimes people have deals . . .
  • I have a juicer but I don’t really use it any more. I prefer green smoothies which have the added benefit of being whole foods.
  • I do have a blender. I got mine from John Lewis and cost about £50. However the Fresh Network are also selling the latest model Vitamix blender I really want for a huge £697! Older models are slightly cheaper . . . The John Lewis blender has the added advantage of having a removable screen to cover the blades – great for making hemp seed milk.
  • I have a spiralizer to make spiral spaghetti noodles out of vegetables. It’s definitely optional. There are several types. The Fresh Network sell one type. I’ve got a slightly different version which is available from Juiceland.
  • Another optional thing is a ceramic knife – I loved mine (until I lost it! I need to get a new one because I miss it. One of its key benefits is that it’s very sharp and doesn’t need sharpening. It also doesn’t hold odours. You can cut an onion, rinse your ceramic knife under the tap and then go straight on to cutting some fruit. No transfers of flavour! I started with a vegetable paring knife and also want a chef’s knife (though you can easily get by with just the one. You can buy them from various places, e.g. here. The paring knife costs about £28 and the chef knife costs about £60 so I think I can survive quite easily with a paring knife!
  • This may be a great extravagance, but I’ve also just got a Water Ioniser. It allegedly produces antioxidant water and, though it seems expensive, it is actually cheaper in the long run if you buy a lot of bottled water (as I’ve been doing). There are various options out there but I’ve gone for The Water Ionizer for various reasons, e.g. it was recommended to me by someone I trust, it looks pretty (important because it sits on the counter top), it comes with a 2 month no obligation period so you can try it out, you can continue to rent it for as long as you like for £1 a day plus VAT (so about £35 a month), if you decide to buy it you get 75% discount on any rent you’ve paid which means that however you buy it you end up spending about £1000. I know! It’s a lot of money. But we’re mostly made from water and it’s got to be worth a try. If you go ahead and get one, please say that I recommended you as I think I might even get commission 🙂

I think that’s it. I’ll add more if I can think of any or discover new things 🙂 You could buy all or none of these and still make some delicious raw food . . .