This recipe is incredibly adaptable – all you need to do is put your smoothie into an ice cream maker and let it do the work for you – but the one I’m starting with:

0.25 cup hemp seeds, soaked overnight
0.25 cup dried fruit, soaked overnight (I used dates and apricots – quanitities to taste)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract (I add more vanilla if I’m making vanilla ice cream)
1 banana
0.25 cup agave (to taste) freezing makes it taste less sweet than the smoothie

And, then either one of the options below (or anything else you fancy):
(a) for chocolate ice cream add 4 dessert spoons chocolate powder (to taste)
(b) for coconut ice cream add some fresh coconut water to the soaking dried fruit and some fresh coconut to the smoothie

1. Make hemp seed milk: Discard the soaking water from the seeds. Add seeds plus the sweet water from the dried fruit to the blender and blend until you have made milk. Strain or sieve the milk so that you get rid of the gritty bits. (This is easy if your blender has a funnel attachment to put over the blade and capture the gritty hemp seed husks – if it doesn’t you can just strain the milk through any fine strainer or a piece of muslin. . . )
2. Rinse the blender to remove any remaining grit from the hemp seeds.
3. Return hemp seed milk to blender and add dried fruit, banana and vanilla extract.
4. If you’re making a chocolate icecream, add to chocolate now

Taste the smoothie. If you want it sweeter, add some agave and blend again.

5. Pour the smoothie into your ice cream maker and let it make the ice cream for you

Alternatively you can just drink the smoothie 🙂