Saf – London’s first predominantly raw restauarant – has finally opened!
We went there for dinner on Thursday night . . .

So what did we think?

Location: It remains to be seen if Media Hoxton is a good location for a raw restaurant. For me it’s a little too young straight media hairdresser types …

The food: It’s a little too nouvelle cuisine for me. I think London could really do with a Grateful Cafe restaurant (simpler and more generous). That said, the food was good:

We had virgin juice cocktails for £3.75 each

Entrees at about £6.50 each
– the beetroot ravioli was well made but very simple. I was left with the feeling that I could have made that at home – and I probably will.
– the chive caviar on sweet potato crustinis was much more impressive – I certainly wouldn’t even try to make that at home

Main courses were £10.50/£11
– the lasagne was well small and well made but refridgerated — I would have liked it to be a little warmer
– the warm mushroom croquette with a pretty mushroom side thing

Dessert was best c. £5
– a gorgeous chocolate ganache with berries
– an apple cheesecake which actually tasted like cheesecake

We had expensive decaf espressos and shared a bottle of organic riesling at £20

So £85 including service.

Would we go back? Yes, but not for a while . . .