a tray of chocolate fudge

Last night I tried to make a chocolate pie. My mouth was already salivating while the nuts and dates were being processed into a fantastic base. So you can imagine my shock, horror and surprise to discover that the avocadoes were NOT RIPE!!!

After picking myself up from the floor I added a bit of agave, some sunflower seeds and about 4 TBS chocolate powder and processed the lot to a delicious gooey fudge. A lot of that got eaten last night and more of it went with me to work for emergencies today.

Tonight when I got home, I made this intentional version:

1 cup pitted medjool dates
1 cup walnuts (not soaked and dried but please do)
1 cup cashews (I don’t particularly plan ever to soak these, should I?)
1 cup sunflower seeds (as walnuts)
1 good squirt agave (about a TBS?)
A good grinding of Himalayan salt (0.5 tspn?)

Process it all until lovely and gooey. Squash it into a container and refridgerate. Later you can cut it into squares and enjoy …

I think I’m hooked!