Here I sit, flaked out on the sofa, gradually digesting the delicious food I ate at Russell James’s one day raw dinner party course in Brighton today. Check out the photos on the left! And Russell’s website 🙂

We had a great green salad with two different dressings for lunch (my favourite was the one with pear & mint) while we were learning to make three different and delicious courses designed to impress any cautious non-raw fooders you might be entertaining.

The starter was a tomato & caramelised ontion tart on a balsamic crust with tahini sauce. This was delicious and we picked up ideas for all sorts of other fillings which I’m sure would also impress.

The main course was a rich courgette lasagne with nut cheese, walnut meat, tomato sauce, green pesto, fresh tomato and spinach. Wow. I ate mine because it was just so good. I think either of the two savoury dishes would have made a good main course with perhaps a salad or some melon as a starter – or perhaps some canapes …

Dessert, as always with raw food, was to die for: a vanilla chocolate torte with ginger cream and strawberry sauce. This was really fabulous. If you’ve read any of my other entries you will definitely already know that I have a serious chocolate issue. Yummm. So good!

And of course it was also good to spend the day with like minded raw people 🙂 As well as Russell and Fiona (who assisted him and washed millions of dishes!), I met Amy and France from Switzerland and Karen, Vicky & Becky from the UK. And that’s not to mention Maggie from Earthship Brighton, the eco venue where we learned all of this fabulous stuff.

Namaste 🙂