(well my adaption based on what was available)

Add each in turn to a large mixing bowl & stir as you go:
4 onions coarsely chopped in food processor
3 or 4 stalks of celery blended well in the food processor
4 courgettes blended well in food processor
(I added the 2 courgettes I had plus 2 carrots)

Mix well and then add
Himalayan salt & crushed black pepper to taste
1 cup good water (you may need more)
kEyTh doesn’t use the oil or nama shoyu but … I added:
0.25 cup olive oil
A good splash of nama shoyu
A good splash of toasted sesame seed oil

Stir well

kEyTh’s recipe calls for 2 cups flax and 4 cups sunflower seeds but I didn’t have the right ingredients so I added:

2 cups almonds, finely ground in food processor
3 cups flax/linseed ground in vita mix or other blender

Stir into the big bowl & add more water if required
Spread bread mixture onto dehydrator sheets lined with those teflex things using wet hands
With a blunt knife score bread mixture in places (e.g. 9 big pieces or 16 smaller pieces)
Dehydrate at 105 degrees for several hours
Flip & dehydrate until ready – the longer you leave it the crispier it gets

Store in fridge

It seems a fairly flexible recipe to me so I recommended making it with whatever you have to hand!