TheLifeCo Turkey
TheLifeCo Turkey

This year for Christmas we gave ourselves a one week detox in Bodrum, Turkey. In some ways the idea of going away at Christmas and NOT EATING seems close to madness. In other more important ways it’s a perfect retreat from what is usually a period of over indulgence. It’s Tuesday morning after yoga and it’s already clear that we will be going back to the UK feeling refreshed and rejuvinated.

It was quite a trek to get here: bus and tube to Heathrow; flight to Istanbul; visa queues and dash to domestic terminal; flight to Bodrum; an odd period of being shuffled about to collect our luggage in the customs area at Bodrum; then the reassuring appearance of our taxi driver who was waiting to drive us 40 minutes to the LifeCo Detox Centre where we were greeted by friendly staff and fresh salads.

It’s so quiet here! Apparently it’s quite busy during the summer as Bodrum is a posh resort for people from Istanbul. But at this time of year it’s very quiet: just the odd tractor in the distance, the occasional barking dog and the regular call to prayer from the nearby mosque.

Yesterday we went for a walk to the beach (see photos) and saw some of the dogs lying in the winter sunshine. It’s a beautifully protected bay on the Mediterranean which would be a great place for swimming in warmer weather. We also saw a fantastic fresh food market. No photos. We were too busy drooling over piles of sundried apricots and tomatoes, fresh nuts and seeds, cucumbers, peppers, cauliflowers, aubergines … and of course spinach and feta pastries and baklava! Oh my …

Our days here are very restful and well organised in a relaxed kind of way. We drink juices regularly throughout the day which are brought to us wherever we are on trays. My favourite is the morning juice with apple. The rest of the time it’s a refreshing green juice (cucumber, greens, lemon …), sometimes with an accompanying wheatgrass shot and sometimes with probiotics. There’s also lots of detox vegetable broth (personally not that keen) and ph10 filtered water. And this morning I discovered some white tea in reception so I’ll be drinking that in the coming days as well.

There are detox videos and talks, but I haven’t been to any of those yet. Partly because I’ve seen them before and partly because I’ve spent a lot of time dozing!

There are daily yoga sessions which are great! A strange turn yourself upside down machine which I’m learning to use. And the greatest luxury of all has been to indulge in massages every day. I’ve had a traditional Turkish hamam (scrub and massage with foam) which left me feeling cleaner than I’ve ever felt before, and Balanise oil massages which really get into my resistant muscles and help me to relax and detox.

Quite an expensive retreat when it’s all added up but certainly a great way to say goodbye to 2009 and prepare for 2010!

What’s it like here? We drink lots of green juices every day, have daily massages, attend daily yoga and meditation classes, go for walks and rest. One thing we haven’t been doing this time is daily enemas. They do them here but somehow we didn’t opt for that in our induction: we chose to rely on an industrial strength colonic instead. That has been fine, but I think I’d recommend the daily enemas nevertheless.

Tomorrow after yoga we’re going to take the local bus into Bodrum and have a look around. The detox retreat itself is in a village called Türkbükü. It’s a pleasantly quiet village during the winter months but apparently it’s a heaving resort in the summer time. The harbour is full of visiting yachts and the restaurants are full of people visiting mostly from Istanbul. Depending on who you ask, it’s either better or worse in the summer. I’m quite fond of the winter experience.

I definitely feel recharged by this experience and can’t wait to get home and start making some delicious raw food. In my spare time I’ve been trawling the internet while we’ve been here and drooling over so many amazing dishes I want to make. I’m heading into a very busy January when we get back to the UK but I’m determined to find time to make lots of lovely fresh food to eat and will post the results here.

Day 7

Today is day 7 of our 7 day detox at the LifeCo Detox Centre near Bodrum, Turkey.  I feel well! This might have something to do with the loss of 5 kilos and a good many of the toxins built up in recent months from too much coffee, alcohol and cooked food.