On route to the LifeCo – an impromptu stay in Istanbul
Hagia Sophia’s Resident Cat

Having fully indulged in winter foods and festivities, it’s good to be back at thelifeco.com detox centre for an early halt to Christmas indulgence. We flew out of London on Friday, just as the snow was getting a grip of the city and, thankfully, before airports were closed. We were lucky that our flight was only delayed. We got an unexpected overnight stay in Istanbul, courtesy of Turkish Airlines. This gave us plenty of time to visit the Blue Mosque, the Great Bazaar and the Hagia Sophia (ancient church, then mosque and now museum). We were excited to see the cat on the left living quite happily inside Hagia Sophia, taking no heed of tourists or no go areas. A handsome creature.

And so, finally, here we are. It’s nice to see the familiar staff who will, between them I’m sure, get us back on track.

Sunday, Day One  
I weigh 82 kilos.
8:00 Shake (a little fruit juice, water, bentonite clay fibre and I’m not sure what else) plus several supplements
8:30 induction meeting in the juice  bar to get an update on the details of the master cleanse and to discuss massage options etc
9:30 supplements and wheatgrass shot and carrot juice shot
9:30 yoga and meditation
12:00 colema (I’ll take a picture of the “angel of water” machine for you)
12:30 supplements, salt water shot (for the electrolytes)
14:00 shake
14:00 yoga and meditation
15:30 supplements and wheatgrass shot
15:30 hamam Turkish scrub
17:00 shake
17:30 aroma therapy massage
20:00 shake
21:30 more supplements
Quite a full day really. To be honest I’m not completely sure what’s in all the supplements (I just take what they give me) but if I find out I’ll definitely let you know

Day 2

This morning I weighed 79.6 kilos (-2.4 kilos is off to a good start)

I have mild detox symptoms: a mild caffeine headache and an ache in my lower back. I’m missing food emotionally but I’m not actually hungry: the fibre in the shakes must be helping with that.

“Angel of Water”

Yesterday I said I’d show you a picture of the “Angel of Water” colema or colonic irrigation machine (pictured right). The water is in the tall tower and the lighted box just to the left of it is where the waste flows. Above it is a mirror so you can see what’s going on. I’ve actually paid to use a machine like this (accompanied by an assistant) as colonic hydrotherapy in London which on reflection my have been a bit of an oversell. We use this daily, unassisted. There’s also two scheduled industrial strength hydrotherapy sessions during the stay.

in the garden

8:00 morning shake and supplements
9:30 wheatgrass shot, carrot juice shot and supplements
9:30 yoga and meditation (yoga plus pilates combination)
11:00 shake and supplements
12:00 colema/colonic irrigation
12:30 green herb drink
13:00 ozone therapy (see below)
14:00 shake and supplements
14:00 yoga and meditation (Iyengar this afternoon)
15:30 wheatgrass shot, carrot juice shot and supplements

deserted sea front: palm umbrellas

16:00 bali massage
17:00 shake
17:30 sunset walk to the largely deserted sea front (I imagine it’s teaming during the summer)
18:00 big excitement in detox village: no water in our room so we are moved to the room opposite which is an exact (if confusing) mirror image.
18:30 supplements
20:00 shake and supplements
21:30 supplements

deserted sea front : orange boat

Ozone therapy is where they shoot tubes of ozone up the rectum and you have to hold it there for 20 minutes while it’s absorbed. It’s supposed to be very beneficial for all manner of things.

Brown Rice Detox
This morning’s yoga teacher told us about an alternative detox which is easy to do at home.

150 grams of cooked brown rice per person per day
Stewed apple with cinnamon
tomatoes and greens

First soak the brown rice overnight to begin the sprouting process. Then cook. Eat 50 grams for breakfast with stewed apple and cinnamon. Eat 50 grams for lunch with tomatoes and wilted greens. Eat another 50 grams for dinner with tomatoes and wilted greens. Eat apples for snacks between meals.

Have you tried this? Do you think it’s a good idea?

Day 3

This morning I weigh 79.4 kilos (it’s odd the way weight falls inconsistently away)

My head is clear and I feel fine now except for some lower back pain which I always seem to get when I’m detoxing. Tomorrow I’m thinking about starting a liver flush – might as well while I’m here …

8:00 shake and supplements
9:30 wheatgrass shot, carrot shot and supplements
9:30 yoga and meditation
11:00 shake
12:00 colema
12:30 supplements and salt water electrolytes
12:45 face mask
14:00 shake and supplements
14:00 yoga and meditation
15:30 wheatgrass shot, carrot juice shot and supplements
16:00 shiatsu massage
17:00 shake and supplements
17:00 walk along the deserted seafront
18:00 detox soup (I am encouraged to drink about 5 of these daily but this is my first)
18:30 supplements
20:00 shake and supplements
21:30 supplements

Day 4 
communal areas

 This morning I weigh 78.6 kilos

Last night I tried the detox soup but for me at least it was a bad idea. It tasted a little bit like food and was a trigger to fantasies about all sorts of things I have no access to at the moment. From virtuous cravings for cucumbers and apples to a strong desire for a thick piece of toast with various toppings. So, no more detox soup!

I’ve got some course work to do for my MBA and it’s hard to fit it all in, so today I’m skipping yoga and meditation to work in one of the pleasant communal areas. Aside from the regular drinks pattern I’ve described on previous days, we’ve opted for an extra liver flush drink in the morning and evening. I’ve also got a colema scheduled for 12:00 and a sports massage at 16:00.

Day 5 – 23 December

This morning I weigh 77.8 kilos (12 stone 2 pounds). That’s 4.2 kilos or 8.8 pounds so far on this detox. I’m impressed and grateful – I can definitely feel the difference. We’re half way through now and my goal is still to get to and maintain 11 stone (either here or back at home) which is just under 70 kilos.

The picture on the left is the TurboSonic machine: one of those machines you stand on and vibrate. This one uses sound waves I think which is apparently the newest thing and shakes your brain less. You stand on it for 10 minutes at a time. The different programmes focus on different areas but I’m sticking to programme four which does the whole body. Why not? I’m going to try and fit in two or three sessions a day while we’re here.

Today’s schedule
9:30 Iyenga yoga and meditation class today and then a trip to a local horse farm this afternoon. See pictures below.Drinks and supplements as on previous days but with the inclusion of a liver flush drink at 9:30 and 6:30 (seems to includes a little orange juice, ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper and I don’t know what else). It’s certainly quite hot and makes a change!

Things I’m loving about our stay in Turkey
Hearing the roosters crow (do they crow?) as the day breaks, the smell of log fires burning (instead of central London petrochemical pollution), hearing the call to prayer (though not many people seem to heed it), having time to rest and recharge my batteries for the year to come and of course losing weight!At 12:30 I’ve got a a reflexology and abdominal massage followed by a 13:30 colonic hydrotherapy session (the industrial version of the colema machines with a therapist). Best not to think too much about it!

A walk at the local horse farm …

olives freshly fallen from the tree
two of many friendly horses
squash drying to become lanterns







Day 6 – Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve in Turkey. Wherever you are I hope you are having a Very Happy Christmas and a Wonderful New Year.

Including today we have four days left. We’re into a routine now. This morning I weighed 77.5 kilos, not much of a loss from yesterday but it evens up my total weight loss so far to 4.5 kilos which is a pleasing number.

I’ve had my usual course of drinks and supplements plus a slightly strange Thai massage from a very nice Turkish man and some ozone therapy as previously described. Quite a busy day really!

Day 7 – Christmas Day

This morning I weighed 76.7 kilos or 12 stone 1 or 169 pounds. What a lovely Christmas present. Today’s programme includes the usual drinks, colema, yoga and mediation sessions as well as a sports massage and an hour’s walk along the coast.


Day 9 – Last day!

This morning I weighed:
– 76.2 kilos
– 11.99 stone (normally I would round up but it’s too tempting to be under 12 stone)
– 167.6 pounds

Today’s schedule is quite busy:
– the usual drinks and supplements
– yoga & meditation sessions x 2
– abdominal and reflexology
– hydrocolon
– a wheatgrass etc implant to start rebuilding flora in the gut
– a face mask
– and a walk

Then we’ve got to pack and pay. We have a car taking us to the airport for a 9:00 flight to Istanbul tomorrow morning and then a 13:00 flight from Istanbul to London.