Today I spent the day with Amy Levin learning to make raw chocolate. I met some great people there who were keen to learn this amazing skill as well. Let me be clear, Amy makes great chocolate! If you get a chance to be taught by her you certainly won’t regret it. Check out Amy’s blog for details of where she might be teaching near you. Today we were in Etchingham which, I discovered, is kind of near Hastings in East Sussex. We were in the middle of the most English countryside and that itself was a treat. The chocolates, though,  were a revelation. Did you know that raw chocolate needs to be tempered? I certainly didn’t. Check out these photos from the class …

white and milk chocolate with a mango filling
cute little men in different colours of white and dark chocolate
I made these leaves. The yellow comes from turmeric,
the orange from red peppers, the green from spinach powder.
I’m not a fan of white chocolate but I love the colours! 
We learned how to make chocolates filled with ganache.
fillings for coconut almond truffles
lots of different dipped chocolates and truffles
A dark chocolate cup made with a balloon

We came home with lots of samples from the chocolates we made. I’m definitely inspired to get creative with chocolate soon so stay tuned 🙂